Update: Shadowgate Gets Release Date on Windows, No Definite Date for Mobile Yet

Shadowgate, a title we covered a few months ago, has just been given a definite release date for the Windows version. There is still no definite release date for the mobile (iOS and Android) versions though. Shadowgate is a Kickstarter success story and a remake of a fondly remembered adventure game that hit various computers and some Nintendo platforms.

Shadowgate will be hitting Steam on August 21st. Android and iOS versions will come later this fall. The cool thing about this reboot is that the original creators are at the helm of the remake, this is not fans continuing the story on their own in new directions.

Shadowgate by Zojoi Studios
Platform: Android, iOS, Mac and PC
Genre: First Person Adventure/Remake
Rated: Unknown at this time, probably T for Teen
Available August 21st for PC and Fall 2014 for Android/iOS

Source: Joystiq.com