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Video Game Collection Apps For Most of Your Classic Gaming Needs


Retro video gamers that have been playing for awhile will undoubtedly acquire a large number of titles across many platforms.  While the Apps we are featuring here don’t cover ALL possible retro platforms, they do cover a good breadth of the more popular, and smaller (read- easier to complete), platforms.

First up, we have Sega CD Collector by Hugues Johnson (a name that will come up a lot in this article).  The reason I am featuring the Sega CD Collector App first is because I think it is the best of the bunch (not just my bias towards the platform).  The basics are all here, a full listing of the commercially available games, choice of complete, just the box, manual or case.  Adding titles to your wish list allows the user to access a listing of Ebay auctions for the titles in a convenient listing tab.  Great job there.

Next up we have Dream Collection- a collector app for the now defunct Sega Dreamcast.  Where Dream Collection shines is in showing box art for each title.  The only thing that could have been better was if there was a chance to see some in game screens of each title.  Worth downloading if you are a Dreamcast collector but be warned, this app does not include unreleased or homebrew titles- only commercially available games.

Turbo Grafx-16 Collector is another app by Hugues Johnson.  Just like the Sega CD Collector, options to select levels of completeness per title are available here.  The only problem I have with this app is the lack of an Ebay option.  Hopefully this is something that is easy to implement in a future update.  I also cannot figure out how to add a game to the wish list tab to test that function out, the Ebay thing may be there for all I know but for the life of me, I can’t test it out.

Nintendo Collection is quite an ambitious app, the NES library is not exactly small.  Doesn’t have features such as level of completeness that the apps from Hugues offer but it does offer an Ebay connection and even a Google Search function for more information.  From my experience, a lot of the games are missing box art, not sure where they are pulling this art from but where ever it is, it is not available for quite a few titles.

Sega 32X Collector by Hugues Johnson finishes out our collecting apps article.  The 32X was definitely a failed system/add-on and one that was all but neglected by the development community.  Unlike the other apps by Hugues, this one features box art for the titles (probably because of the smaller library this was easier to accomplish).  

While these apps do not cover the full breadth of retro gaming, they are still a great start.  If you would like to see a particular system receive an app, why not check out one of the apps above and make a donation of money or time to help make your app of choice happen.  I know these apps are hard to create due to the wealth of information they contain (none contain game descriptions which would just add more work to each app).

There are places that each could improve such as adding in game screens, front and back box art, maybe a link to the wiki page for the games for more information, etc but for the most part, these are single person development teams working in their spare time to provide a free, useful, app  to fans.

Featured image from www.retrospekt.com.au/2010/06/654334461/

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  • Bob

    Someone should check VGcollect.com
    It has a mobile version which is pretty solid, and if a game is missing you can just add it yourself.

    • http://www.gamingonbatteries.com triverse

      I am working on a follow up to this article with suggestions that are being made by fans. I will add VGCollect.com to the list. Thanks!

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