Virtual Fishing on Nintendo Virtual Boy is the last Japanese Exclusive to be translated to English

The Nintendo Virtual Boy was one of Nintendo’s few failures in gaming- it was completely mishandled by the marketing team for one thing, among others.  For retrogaming fans that means there is a smaller amount of titles to collect and, ultimately, enjoy.  This lack of software makes it easy for completest collector’s to purchase every title available across the major regions.  One of the last Japanese exclusives, Virtual Fishing, is now available in English thanks to fans.

Virtual Fishing is not known for being an awesome game, are there really any fishing games that are amazing?  What you can expect in Virtual Fishing is some nice 3D effects, plenty of parallax in the underwater scenes and even line scrolls (which were used heavily in the fan release of Super Street Fighter II Turbo on the Nintendo Virtual Boy).

Animations of the fish are quite lacking, which is saying something considering how little animation you really need for a fish.  There is no current visible in the underwater foliage (it is stiff and just “there”).  These detractors really hurt an already down on its luck title but oh well.  Collectors already have this in their collections and those of you reading this that are fishing game fans, you can now enjoy Virtual Fishing on your Nintendo Virtual Boy in English.  Take that for what it is worth.

Head over to Planet Virtual Boy to grab the patch.  Actually obtaining the game file is all on you though as it is not available as freeware as far as I know.