What if Cuphead was Released on the Nintendo Game Boy?

Demakes. They are fun to look at, even though most are just mockups. Some, like Halo 2600 were actually turned into real games, with the blessing of the IP holder (Microsoft in that case). What is great about demakes, at least for me is, getting a chance to see something familiar in a new style – often more limited in many ways, but still the “essence” is there. That is what you need to keep in mind when you look at what Cuphead might have looked like if released on the Nintendo Game Boy back in 1992.

Cuphead is a 2D side scrolling action platform game with run and gun mechanics. The art style is decidedly 1930’s animation and it works so well. What is interesting is, Cuphead was in development since 2013, is an amazing story of success in front of dire consequences, and has taken gaming to its more recent divided stance about difficulty levels in games. I personally love the challenge of Cuphead but a quick Google search reveals that I am in the minority as most “newer” or “younger” writers are only able to complain and whine about the difficulty levels represented here. Did I Forge tot mention there is no real “hand holding” going on in Cuphead? Yeah, that might have something to do with it.

Obviously, the style is the same, 2D side scrolling action platformer with run and gun mechanics. Works for me.

The graphics are decidedly close to what the Nintendo Game Boy was capable of thought that parallax scrolling is a little suspect because that is something that was not seen till the Game Boy Color, and then even sparingly. The animations by 98Demake are spot on for what we got from the Nintendo Game Boy which helps suspend disbelief about this being an actual release.

Source: Youtube

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