What if the Sims Were Done in the Style of Pokemon?

Interesting thought, what if the Sims were done in the style of Pokemon?  I wonder.  Well, neither you nor I have to wonder too much about it because Youtube personality, Hat-Loving Gamer, has done all of the work for us.  Hat-Loving Gamer has taken the idea behind the Sims and combined it with the world of Pokemon as it appeared on the Game Boy line of hand held devices.  It is an interesting combination and definitely is cool in execution.  Now if only we could get a ROM hacker to make this real.

In this video we get to see what the Sims might be like if it was combined with Pokemon.  Starting out is character creation, designing a home for them to live in and we also see tragedy strike one of the characters.  The designing of the home is sped up quite a bit (otherwise it might be quite boring) but it is still cool to see.  It just shows how much thought and work went into this video.

Check out Hat-Loving Gamer’s Youtube channel for more fun stuff.

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