Why is Capcom not Localizing Monster Hunter XX on Switch or 3DS?

Monster Hunter XX is the sequel/expansion of the positively received Monster Hunter Generations or X (in Japan). Yet, despite totaling in 4.1 million lifetime sales (roughly equal to Monster Hunter 4), Monster Hunter Generations‘ sequel is still not slated to release in the the United States. But, if the series continues to sell a healthy number of copies, and production costs for the series are kept minimal by re-using assets from the previous iterations; then pray tell what Capcom is thinking by not releasing the sequels to each game? Why is it that Monster Hunter XX (Generations 2?) still has no set plans to release in the Western Hemisphere on either the Nintendo Switch or 3DS?

It’s no secret Monster Hunter as a series is experiencing a golden age. From the announcement in E3 for Monster Hunter World to the commercial success of Monster Hunter XX in Japan, Capcom is currently bathing in money made from the tears of each wyvern slain. Copies sold of MH continue to increase or at least remain stable for Capcom as each sequel releases and gameplay tweaks ensure players are continually mastering new forms of taking down the hulking beasts which make up the meat and potatoes of the series. However, one aspect to note from the series is that Monster Hunter typically enjoys a greater success in handhelds than on home consoles. By Capcom refusing to release Monster Hunter XX on either of Nintendo’s portable consoles it’s potentially losing out money and thus raises questions as to what motivation lie behind closed doors.

According to this site, these are the lifetime sales of Wii U vs 3DS of MH3U.

One explanation to the lack of news from Capcom can potentially be a shift in focus from the series. By focusing the development team’s entire efforts on the releasing Monster Hunter World they ensure the quality of the title will be superior. This decision can potentially avoid the catastrophic event that companies like Sega have experienced when they decided to split the team developing Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 title. But, this idea is simply speculation and the point still stands, as to what the real motives behind the lack of news on any concrete release plans for Monster Hunter XX. The series has shown to sell across the world, and the North American market has a significant impact for the sales of the games.

However, some news outlets have proposed that Capcom does indeed have plans to localize the series in the West. VG24/7 is one such outlet, with speculations regarding Nintendo of America’s desires to see a Monster Hunter title hit their latest console the Switch. Furthermore, this idea sounds logical because Monster Hunter World is only slated to release on the following consoles: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Without any plans to release a MH title on a Nintendo console currently, the company (Nintendo) stands at a disadvantage despite their previous active involvement in bringing recognition to the series in the Western Hemisphere. Could this decision mean Capcom has betrayed Nintendo? Probably not, but Nintendo would be crazy to at least not assist in bringing XX to the West. However, until Capcom decides to announce any change in plans to release the titles; us Westerners will have to do with the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Stories on September, and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney during November 2017.