WildSnake for Sega Game Gear Found and Digitally Preserved

Being a fan of retrogaming sometimes has its better than average benefits.  For instance, it has recently been announced that a prototype for WildSnake on the Sega Game Gear has been found and has been digitally preserved by the team over at SMS Power.  Up till now, WildSnake was an unreleased game on the Sega Game Gear (it did appear on various computer and console platforms). 

For those that are not familiar with WildSnake it is a follow up game by Alexey Pajitnov who was responsible for the life shattering Tetris game.  While not his most prolific development, that was arguably Tetris, WildSnake does have a certain charm to it.  WildSnake is a falling “block” style game just like Tetris but it has combo capabilities similar to those in Sega’s Columns.WildSnake_Game_Gear_Sega_Retrocollect_portable_prototype_SMSPower (1)

As the snake, of varied colors and designs, fall from the top of the screen into a pit (of nightmares for Indiana Jones no doubt).  As the snake falls, and for a short bit after it lands, you can control it.  Moving left or right you can have the snake slither around, into crevices between other snakes, creating quite a bit of strategy.  When two of the same color/design come into contact with each other one will disappear.  If there is room for the snake’s head to continue left or right, or downward, then the remaining snakes will do so. This can create some massive combos that earn tons of points if planned correctly (much like Columns, these happen mostly out of sheer luck, at least for me).

For those that suffer from a fear of snakes this is obviously not the game for you.  The snakes don’t exactly move realistically, and they are just sprites on a screen, they are still slightly unnerving to watch as they slither around the pit.

Source: SMS Power via Retrocollect