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Windows Phone 8 Has The Hits

sonic 4 episode 1 windows phone 8

It is no secret that Windows Phone 8 has a smaller app market than either iOS or Android but it is apparently a secret just what hits are available.  That is why we are doing this special report for new Windows Phone 8 owners that are looking for games for their new pocket power house (none of the Windows 8 phones can really be called “underpowered”).

First up, we have Plants vs Zombies.  This is a title that is available on many platforms- pretty much if it is a portable from the last 10 years (minus the PSP for some reason) then there is a version of this game for it (and many consoles and PC).  It is a no brainer that Windows Phone would have a version available (though not on sale like the other versions are at the moment).
Also available on iOS and Android.plants vs zombies windows phone 8

Rayman Jungle Run is a fairly new title that is available on all three platforms.  This Rayman game is for endless runner fans looking for more platforming action in their 2D, hyper animated, running game.  Rayman Jungle Run is also available on iOS and Android.rayman jungle run windows phone 8

Sonic 4 Episode 1 by Sega is a retro throwback for the fans title that continues the story of Sonic in the only form that he should be in- 2D.  While Episode 2 is available on other platforms, the first Episode is still a hit (and we are sure that Episode 2 is on its way to Windows Phone sooner than later).
Also available on iOS and Android.sonic 4 episode 1 windows phone 8

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit by EA is a great racing title that is challenging and fun to play while staying true to the formula that past titles masterfully used.
Also available for iOS and Android.need for speed hot pursuit windows phone 8

Asphalt 7 Heat is another racing title that is worthy of mentioning that is also cross platform.  If Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is not your racer of choice, give Asphalt a chance.
Also available for iOS and Android.asphal 7 heat windows phone 8

Final Fantasy I shows that Windows Phone is not lacking in quality role playing games. There area more than just FFI, of course, this is just the tip of the ice burg.  This version is the same as what is available on iOS and Android- updated graphics and sounds and more (the Windows Phone version is the cheapest of the bunch).final fantasy windows phone 8

The second running game we have on our list is one that is not available on Android yet- Mirror’s Edge.  While nearly completely different than the original version which was 3D and first person, this mobile version is more in line with other running games like Run Like Hell and Rayman Jungle Run.  Also available on iOS.mirrors edge windows phone 8

Angry Birds, Space, Seasons, RioStar Wars, etc are on Windows Phone also.  Everyone knows these games and fans love them while those that don’t get flinging birds at structures housing pigs just don’t care.  Also on iOS and Android.angry birds star wars windows phone

So there, all of the naysayers that claim that Windows Phone has no good games can now shut up.  Sure, some of these titles were available years ago on other platforms but you have to remember, Windows Phone 8 is still quite new and just gaining momentum as it grows.  As more Windows Phone 8 devices are sold and in consumers hands and those consumers demand more games and apps, we can certainly expect to see more great titles.  What are some Windows Phone 8 games that you enjoy?

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