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Wizschool Review – JXD S601 Android Portable

wizschool google play android match 3 puzzle quest (4)

Wizschool by Owloh is not the typical Match 3  title, while the basic game play is the same, the added story, graphics and variety in the levels sets Wizschool apart from the myriad of clones of the venerable Bejeweled.  There is more to a good Match 3 title than simply swapping jewels, stones, icons, whatever, around on screen, there are many more elements that gamers today demand from these types of games and Wizschool does an admirable job in delivering those goods.

Elandry, the academy for magic users to learn to craft powerful potions, is accepting new students and you just got selected to attend and that is just the beginning of your troubles with this education.  Spread over seven chapters, facing off against 18 unique characters that have their own minds and play styles, Wizschool feels more like an adventure title with Bejeweled game play instead of mind wrenching puzzles.  The story is progressed through slightly animated cut scenes that feature awesome artwork that really helps set the mood for the adventure.  Wizschool is more than just Bejeweled with pretty graphics.

Something I love about how Owloh is marketing Wizschool is how they are doing it.  There is a free version and a full version.  The free version is the full game, slightly modified to be harder, and is ad supported.  The paid version is a little easier and contains no ads, but you pay a small fee for those perks.  Sure, other publishers have done this before but here recently, it is more commonplace to see a severely limited demo of a game and the full version costing.  No matter the version you grab, the story is the same and the game play is the same.

The only gripe I really have with Wizschool is the having to wait for the match, or combo, that you just made to finish before you can continue on making more matches.  Seriously, that is my only gripe here.

JXD S601 Specifics:
Nothing to really complain about here, Wizschool looks great on the limited hardware of the JXD S601, plays fine with the single touch resistive screen and even sounds great.  If you have a Bejeweled fan in the family, you could easily give them an S601 and Wizschool on it and let them go nuts.  They wouldn’t bother with going back to Bejeweled or many of the other Match 3 titles that are available.

Wizschool by Owloh
Platform: Android
Genre: Match 3 with Adventure storytelling
Rated: Everyone
Score: 89/100
Available now on Google Play (free ad supported version here)

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