Wonder Boy the Dragon’s Trap Physical Release Looms on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Wonder Boy Dragon's Trap

Anyone that reads my articles regularly knows I am an enthusiastic fan of 2D retro style action games. It is a genre I miss dearly. We simply don’t get good ones any longer and when we were getting them, we did not realize the fun would stop eventually. Those days are here now. Thankfully games like Wonder Boy the Dragon’s Trap remind us that it is possible to get a great looking retro style action game. Even cooler, the physical version is looming just around the corner for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. My only question is, where is Microsoft in this? I mean, seriously, MS, you are dropping the ball here and just handing gaming to the competition.

On February 13th, gamers will be able to grab a physical copy of Wonder Boy the Dragon’s Trap for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. How cool is that?

For those that don’t know, Wonder Boy the Dragon’s Trap is a new retro style 2D action adventure that features a retro art style mode as well as a modern graphics setting. The developers really went all out on this one.

Pre-order on Amazon.

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