WWE Mayhem Announced for Android and iPhone

Wrestling fans that are also on the go gamers have been kind of left in the dark for quite a while now. There has not been a decent wrestling game on mobile – the best actual wrestling game I remember being the TNA game from a few years ago when they had a six-sided ring. Yeah, like I said, left in the dark. It looks like we may finally have a decent wrestling game coming though, from Reliance Games, in WWE Mayhem. Already there are red flags up on this one though.

First, Reliance Games have signed a multi-year deal with the WWE. The first title from this agreement is WWE Mayhem. The new game will feature Legends as well as current WWE Superstars so dream matches could be a draw here.

“Reliance is excited to be working with WWE so tightly to create this experience,” said Amit Khanduja, CEO, Reliance Entertainment – Digital. “WWE is known worldwide for the energy and explosiveness that they bring every single night. We couldn’t be more excited to help translate this excitement to mobile.”

Sounds great so far, right?

Players will be able to play with WWE Superstars in an arcade environment. The catch is, some of these moves are unlockable content that is tied to a future Mattel action figure line. Think the whole fiasco with Metroid having content tied to an Amiibo and you will be close. The problem here is, there are multiple WWE Superstars that you may want to play with and to get their full set of moves could possibly mean buying more than one action figure. You are going to have to buy at least one action figure to unlock something – exactly what moves and other possible content is not known yet.

WWE Mayhem brings action and entertainment for the entire family with simple gameplay mechanics for casual players and deep progression elements for core gamers,” said Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President, Consumer Products. “Reliance’s history of working with world-class brands and their expertise in free-to-play mobile gaming made them the natural choice to partner with on this exciting new game.”

Reliance Games certainly has the experience to pull off a great game, I am just concerned about the whole “tied to an action figure” stuff. Honestly, how much fun can you have playing as The Rock and not being able to perform the “People’s Elbow” or not being able to perform the “Stone Cold Stunner”?

Yeah, not much. Right now, it is unknown how much content will be tied to the figure though. My concerns could be unfounded, then again, they could be spot on.

WWE Mayhem by Reliance Games
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Arcade wrestling
In App Purchases: Yes, tied to physical action figures
Rated: Unknown but possibly T for Teen
Available soon

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