Wyvern Tales to Bring Final Fantasy Style RPG Action to Atari Lynx

The Atari Lynx was not exactly a barn burner with the fans.  Those that purchased it usually had a great time with it, me I always wanted one mainly for that Dracula game but not much else.  There have been some homebrew releases over the years, mostly thanks to Songbird Productions who has finished many commercial products and saw them to retail.  Over on Atari Age a forum member has been working on bringing a Final Fantasy style role playing game to the Atari Lynx.  Wyvern Tales is quite striking when compared to the commercial product that was available for the Atari Lynx.

Formerly known as Dragon Saga, and shown at the e-Jagfest 2012 event, Wyvern Tales has improved over the version shown previously to the public.  According to Najabba, the homebrew developer behind Wyvern Tales, the game is currently functionally complete from beginning to end.  There is still work to be done within the game world, smashing bugs and correcting various problems that could be game breaking.

Wyvern_Tales_Atari_Lynx_RPG_Final_Fantasy (1)

Wyvern Tales is expected to be released on cartridge when completed.  At the moment there is not a lot available for Wyvern Tales other than the cool promotion poster above.

Role Playing Games (RPG’s) are an interesting challenge for developers and somewhat awkward for fans.  Gamers either lover the idea, the story, the characters, something or they hate it and let it die at retail.  We know Final Fantasy so well thanks to the massive marketing campaign that Square Enix put into Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation (core fans knew about it for years prior).  Wyvern Tales won’t have that kind of marketing power behind it so it is going to be up to fans to spread the word.  It doesn’t help that the Atari Lynx didn’t exactly sell millions of units leaving even fewer possible fans interested in purchasing Wyvern Tales.

I, for one, am interested in seeing how this works out for Ninjabba and the Lynx fans in general.  Readers, let us know what you think of this new RPG by commenting, sharing, liking, whatever however you feel the urge to get the word across.  Want more of stuff like this?

Source: Atari Age