Xenon Racer Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam

Xenon Racer Nintendo Swtich

Racing games are a necessary evil for many consoles. They are often used as yard sticks of sorts while some are just flat out fun to play. Ever since my first run through the original Need for Speed on 3DO, I was hooked on this new fangled, read better graphics, racing games – having come from the Nintendo NES and games like RC Pro-Am.

Anyhow, over the years we have seen a ton of great looking racing games from Wipeout to the Mario Kart franchise. Xenon Racer is in a similar vein as those games in it is not a strict racing simulation – it is no Gran Turismo but more like Sega’s Daytona game. I like that type of racing game. I don’t care to have to get an ASE certification to understand what I am doing to my digital car to have fun.

The cars in Xenon Racer are able to achieve their high rates of speed thanks to being injected with Xenon gas. Racers can expect tracks in Dubai, Tokyo and many other iconic locations.

As I mentioned already, don’t expect Gran Turismo levels of tweaking of your car as that is not what Xenon Racer is about. You can expect plenty of power sliding, breakneck turns, and speed that will be hard to rival in other games.

We need more arcade style racing games like this as there are not that many available. Racing games either go cartoon style, Mario Kart, or they go realistic, a la Forza. About time we get a good old fashioned arcade style racer.

I am excited for this one, how about you?

Xenon Racer by Soedesco
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam (for PC)
Genre: Arcade racing
Rated: Not yet rated
Release date unknown at the time of this writing

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