Yans World New Homebrew Independent Nintendo Virtual Boy Title in the Works

Yan's World Nintendo Virtual Boy

Who is still rocking a Nintendo Virtual Boy “portable”? Probably not many people reading this. For the few that are, you may want to check out this title, Yan’s World. This is a new homebrew independent release that is scheduled to see a release on cartridge and as a ROM. Super Mario Bros fans will find a lot to like in this one.

The graphics are quite detailed, but that is going off of the animated GIF available over on Twitter which is based on an older version of Yan’s World. The version featured in the GIF is running on Fusion, a game engine that is popular on PC’s for independent homebrew developers.

The mechanics displayed in the animated GIF will reportedly carry over to the Nintendo Virtual Boy version of Yan’s World. There is not a lot available outside of this animated GIF though.

First, Yan’s World is obviously going to be a 2D side scrolling action adventure, like the Super Mario games and not so much Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. That means you will have to think before leaping, plan a bit, think about how to eliminate enemies, etc.

Now, me personally, I am all for slower paced action adventures. Yan’s World seems to be planning to use a mechanic like that in games like Abuse, a classic PC side scrolling action game, where you can aim your weapon independently of your character. I cannot say I have ever been a fan of this control choice, but it is seemingly popular with other gamers.

We already know that the Nintendo Virtual Boy can pull off some rather detailed red and black graphics. The capabilities of the Nintendo Virtual Boy are quite impressive. Too bad the gaming market did not accept this “portable” like they did the Game Boy line.

Follow Yan’s World development on Twitter.

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